Thursday, September 01, 2011

1995 Fleer Update

Here's one more pack from my free group break. This box was the most exciting (to me) thing to be had at the junk wax box card show table and its purchase eventually led me down the dangerous path of buying even more junk... and, hence, the group break ensued. Let's see Night Owl try to "Define the Design" of this one. You can't! There's like... six designs!

4 of 10 - David Cone Diamond Tribute (This is an insert set only featured in "regular packs". I believe "regular packs" in this case means hobby packs.)

U-129 - Tanyon Sturtze (Sturtze pitched for a lot of teams in a rather unsuccessful fashion.)

U-175 - Hideo Nomo (Yes, this is also a base card. Apparently all of the various designs were dependent upon which division the player's team was in. Six designs for six divisions. There's no way baseball card companies ever use focus groups, or else you'd never see anything like this.)

U-125 - Frank Castillo (Fleer stuck to one standard with the card backs.)

U-103 - Shane Andrews

U-178 - Reggie Williams (NL West again. Yuck.)

U-127 - Jaime Navarro

U-79 - Bob Wells (How could this guy not be related to David Wells? Someone please look this up!)

U-107 - Roberto Kelly

U-173 - Dave Hansen

U-77 - Alex Rodriguez (The AL West looks positively normal compared to their NL counterparts, but that's not really saying much.)

U-70 - Jim Corsi

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beefman said...

Nomo Rookie!

Hope you sold it to someone in Japan - I got rid of mine for 20 bucks in late 1995!