Sunday, November 27, 2011

1998-99 Fleer Ultra Basketball


I hope everyone's Turkey Day was excellent, and that those who went shopping this weekend found what they were looking for.

Those looking for the end of the NBA lockout got what they wanted, sort of, as all that stands in the way is the approval from the owners and players.  I welcome the return, as well as the condensed schedule that comes with it.  No watching D-Rose on a Tuesday and then waiting till the weekend silliness.

To mark the occasion, here's a pack from the last year there was a shortened NBA season.  This came from a repack box I picked up.  Clear the lane, Keith Van Horn is driving some 1998-99 Fleer Ultra to the hoop!

10 cards per pack, with Chauncey Billups wondering what he's doing on the wrapper since the Nets are playing the Nuggets.  Everyone's used to the Fleer Ultra design, with its excellent photography and curvy names.  The backs (room permitting) have a "Dare To Compare" section where they take the player's stats from last year and dared to compare it to a random year's stats from a much better player.  I'll put that in parenthesis next to the player's name.  Here we go!

#84 - Tariq Abdul-Wahad (1985-86 Detlef Schrempf)
#2 - Antonio Daniels (1967-68 Walt Frazier)
#1 - Keith Van Horn (1982-83 Dominique Wilkins)

See, Keith's up against Bobby Jackson.  Perhaps Chauncey's future projecting himself or something like that.

#42 - Rik Smits (Fleer did not Dare To Compare)
#37 - Bobby Jackson (1960-61 Lenny Wilkens)

#39 - Steve Smith (back; 1973-94 Earl Monroe)
#95 - Derek Anderson (1970-71 Jo Jo White)

Showing the back of the Steve Smith card since it's the most boring shot of the pack.  I do like the backs, I just don't remember if the "Dare To Compare" was always a part of it.

#49 - Detlef Schrempf (Fleer did not Dare To Compare; I'm sure Detlef's not too happy his stats were used in a Tariq Abdul-Wahad comparison)
#25 - Joe Dumars (again, Fleer did not Dare To Compare)
#5 - Issac Austin (1969-70 Bob Love)

I wonder if they Dared To Compare the stats of His Airness.

Anyway, that's the pack.  What, you didn't think I was only capable of baseball cards and cartoon robots, did you?  Thanks for reading!

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6,000,000 Cards and Counting... said...

for some reason, this reminds me of those mid 90's baseball cards that had some ebonics on the back. I wanna say either Metal, Ex or something like that. It was quite hilarious.