Friday, November 11, 2011

2004 Topps Chrome Series 1


I couldn't let Nigel Tufnel Day go without a post from another old time pack.  I have two packs of this and they don't have the Target discount price on the back of them.  Since I don't actively buy Chrome, this means the wifey purchased them for me, probably for a stocking stuffer...and I don't turn down gifts from the wifey.

Let's turn the shiny to 11 with a pack of 2004 Topps Chrome!

Only 4 cards in the pack...let's see what we got:

#47 - Trot Nixon
#19 - Aaron Rowand

Hot-To-Trot and member of the '05 Champs lead off the pack. I am assuming these are direct images from the 2004 base set.  I like the Roward card, showing the field during batting practice with the crowd slowly filtering in.

#21 - Luis Castillo (Gold Refractor)
No # - Checklist (front)

The Gold Bordered Refractor Parallel comes 1 in 10 packs, per the back of the wrapper.  The checklist card is thick, mirroring the 2004 Topps Update checklist, but missing the puzzle piece front.  I guess those puzzle pieces were not in Chrome, and therefore that whole puzzle thing confuses me many packs do you need to get to complete that puzzle?

No # - Checklist (back)
#33 - Jeff Weaver

No need to show the backs, since it's the same setup as the 2004 Topps base set.  In the other pack, I got Geoff Blum, Gil Meche, Terrence Long, and Curt Schilling.  Other than the Gold Refractor, no real winners here.  Oh well.

Turn down the volume from 11 before you leave...thanks for reading!

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