Thursday, April 19, 2012

2010 Topps Update Blaster Pack Patch Card


Hope everyone's doing well.  Not a whole lot of energy this evening, so here's another quick one.  Here's the bonus patch card that came with a 2010 Topps Update blaster box I picked up a while back.

Here's the pack:

Just like with the Series 2 patch card, the player's name is along the top of the card, so here's the patch:

Well, this could be one of the what, 100 players who were chosen to participate in the Mid-Summer Classic?  For the record, the National League won the game and Brian McCann was the MVP.  Got your guesses in?  Let's pull back and see who it is:

#MCP150 - Albert Pujols

It's the circle of life!  How often do you get a card of a player who would eventually play for the team who hosted the All-Star Game, commemorated with the manupatch on that card?  Not often, I think.  Here's the back:

I'll have a much longer post next time.  Thanks for reading!

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Chunter said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure BV for this card went from $1 to $2 after the Pujols move =)