Tuesday, April 03, 2012

2011 Topps Update Baseball Target Red Border Blaster Pack

Continuing my 2011 Topps Update offerings, we have the retail exclusive packs. Each specially marked blaster (and make sure you find the specially marked ones, because some are not) you'll find two packs of exclusive parallels.
The packs are unassuming and don't let on, but inside you'll find colored borders you can find no where else. This is the Target pack, which threw away the throwbacks in favor of a Red parallel.
US41 - Lou Marson - That is some "white boy" running right there.
US65 - Mitchell Boggs - Singing a jaunty tune in celebration of his merry victory over the viking army. Get this man some mead!
US279 - Trevor Plouffe - And "plouffe," just like that I've already forgotten this kid's name.
US80 - Jose Bautista - Is the steroid talk done yet? Or will it only end if he actually gets caught. I say he's clean, but I'm a terrible judge of such things.
US250 - Zack Greinke - Proof of my terrible prediction abilities? I thought this kid was finished when he moved to the Brewers. He's ending the spring with I believe the best ERA. I guess spring doesn't always translate, but I still figured he'd be an afterthought.
T60-105 - Rogers Hornsby - Topps 60 - Man he looks a lot like Sandberg in this shot. Hornsby comes in 4th on this list behind Sosa, Hack Wilson, and Sosa again. I'm so glad they're not doing this kind of thing again in 2012 Topps.
US323 - Jhonny Peralta - "H" before "O" except in every other spelling of Johnny ever.
US49 - Rickie Weeks - I still don't understand why he was part of the Home Run Derby. Of course, I also still confuse him with Bill Hall.

If Target wants the Red for corporate synergy or whatever you call it, at least wait until the next year. Keep the throwbacks for Update and change in 2012. Is that so hard? These don't look so hot in my opinion. Even on the teams with Red as their team colors.


hiflew said...

Speaking as one of those Johnnys, there used to be a bunch of people that would misspell my name Jhonny. I had never seen it spelled that way until Peralta, but apparently others had.

Rhubarb_Runner said...

Yeah, see, that's not even Trevor Plouffe on the card -- it's Drew Butera.

Chunter said...

in re: Mitchell Boggs-That's what happens to you when you don't have letters on your hat, but littl bird cartoons instead.