Wednesday, May 09, 2012

2012 Wax Eye Cereal Killers Stickers Series 1

Ahhh... my very first post on this amazing blog. Before I tear into this pack, let me introduce myself. My name is Fuji and I've been collecting cards for over three decades. A couple of years ago I started a blog called The Chronicles of Fuji to document my cardboard experiences. Since then, I've met a bunch of people and swapped a ton of cards with various bloggers.

Hopefully my experience on A Pack To Be Named Later will allow me to make even more acquaintances in our amazing hobby. That being said... I feel truly honored to rip packs among some of the finest cardboard bloggers on the net.

Now let's move on to the pack I'll be sharing with you today. I recently stumbled across a company called Wax Eye and their Cereal Killer cards. The parody cards combine classic cereal brands and some of the greatest horror movies.

And if you think the artwork is reminiscent of the classic Wacky Packages cards from the 80's, then I must say... you sure have a keen eye. All of the cards were designed by artist Joe Simko, who has his work featured in various Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages products.

Wax Eye currently has two different products available to collectors: Cereal Killers Trading Cards & Cereal Killers Stickers.

Today we'll be opening a pack of the latter. Each pack contains 5 stickers or 4 stickers and an insert. Here's a list of the inserts collectors can pull:

Silver Spoon Foil Fusion Cards (8 designs) - 1:12 packs
Magnet Gross-ery Aisle Tryptic (3 designs) - 1:48 packs
Sketch Cards - 1:48 packs

Time to start rippin'!

First card... #48 Peanut Blooder Crunch

How often do you see someone committing suicide on a trading card... I mean sticker?

Second card... #54 Black Christmas Crunch

Another Captain Crunch parody, except this time... I don't get it. Is there a horror movie called Black Christmas?

Third card... #28 Death

Hmmm... maybe they're not all based on movies. Or maybe I just haven't seen the movie, Death.

Fourth card... #35 Alien-Bits

Now that's more like it. Alpha Bits + Alien = Alien-Bits. Alien-Bits = Awesome!

Fifth card... #6 Halloweeties

Out of the designs I've seen so far, this is one of my personal favorites. I guess they saved the best for last.

I know that this sort of product isn't for everyone. But I was excited about this product the first time I saw it. If you're interested in seeing more of this product, head over to my blog in a few days. I'll be busting several boxes of this product in search of Simko's sketch cards.

Thanks for taking the time to read my first post. I look forward to busting more packs and posting the results on this awesome blog.

Have a great week & sayonara!


Pro Set Cards said...

Very cool set. Reminds me of the Garbage Pail Kids stuff from when i was a kid.

Anonymous said...

There actually was a movie called "Black Christmas" It was pretty cheesy...I remember the kid stabbed somebody with a sharpened candy cane and them made gingerbread cookies out of somebody's wasn't as gross as it sounds but pretty goofy.

Fuji said...

fossilcards - thanks... I was wondering what the deal was with this card.

Anonymous said...

The Death cereal is a parody of Life cereal. I'm guessing Mikey won't love this one. :)

Fuji said...

jasonvorhees - thanks... I can't believe I didn't figure that out myself. Especially since Life Cereal is one of my personal favorites.