Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2003 Fleer Flair

Either the 2013 season ends tonight, or somehow the Cards extend it until Halloween. I am hoping for the latter, cuz I really just don't like the BoSox that much. Sorry, but I have to be honest. Really, it's more of a "lesser of two evils" kind of choice. Let's go into my scan folder and step into the wayback machine to 10 years ago. Remember when the Marlins were good, teal and played in a football stadium? One of Fleer's offerings was Flair. Flair was Fleer's first high end product.

This came from a Walmart repack if I recall. One in five chance of getting a relic. Doing the math, you should have gotten 4 or 5 relics per hobby box. Did I luck out? one busy card. Not mid 90's Fleer busy, mind you, but a cluttered front for sure. Did you know the product line was "Flair", cuz they tell you 3 times on the front? The shadowed portrait at the top is a bit scary. Washed out background so the player pops, but I think the overall design just loses him.

Name at the bottom is in foil, and the colors change in regard to the team. The washed out background takes on a whole new level of creepy with plays like this.

Here's a time the washed out look works. It makes for a decent looking card.

What would be a post from me if I didn't get all nit picky about the uniforms, right? Well, not so much the uniforms, but the card colors in regard to the uniforms. Yeah - we got blue here on the Royals card. Same blue as on the Dodger above and the Cubs at the top. Here's the thing - their team colors do not match. Yes, the Dodger blue and the Cubs blue are the same pantone shade. But their blue is not the same as the Royals blue. I understand I'm getting a little deep and over the top in dissecting the cards, but I got a lot of space to fill in the post, and are still reading. :)

Last card in the pack. No hit for me in the pack. And the card backs?

Five years and a career total. Far too much wasted space because of the design. At least no recycled image (since they already used it on the card front).

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