Monday, January 13, 2014

Fairfield Sports Chicago Fan Box, Pack II: 2009 Upper Deck X


Hope everyone is doing well.  To recap, this was in my stocking Christmas morning...a Fairfield Sports Chicago Fan Box!

I've seen these $12 boxes at Target for a while and even thought about picking one up to see who'd I get.  I mean, look at the box...Soriano and Dawson!  The sides of the box (not pictured) have even more stars...Billy Williams!  Fergie Jenkins!  Ernie Banks!  Multi-patch cards!  It can't be that bad...right?

Anyway, since the box comes with 3 packs, I decided to post each pack.  The second pack is another repack staple, 2009 Upper Deck X!

The set has been reviewed a couple of times already, so let's get on with it:

#67 - Jason Giambi
#63 - Chien-Ming Wang
#64 - CC Sabathia (die-cut)

There were only 100 cards in the base set, with 6 levels of Xponentials.  More of a gimmick than an actual set, I guess.  Still die-cuts are cool.

#X-HA - Travis Hafner (Xponential X)
#25 - Brandon Phillips
#72 - Nate McLouth

Gimmick or not, the Xponential is a nice looking card.  Oh, and farewell Chief Wahoo.

Here are the backs just so I can get another scan in:

Anyway, that's the pack.  The third and final pack has yet to be posted on the site, so I have that going for me.  Enjoy the rest of the week...thanks for reading!

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