Saturday, March 08, 2014

1995 Fleer Baseball

Spring training started and regular season coming up in few weeks. Let's open packs. What can be said about 1995 Fleer baseball. They went experimental on design and result is a psychedelic mess. Every single card is somewhat different.

483 - Al Martin - back has full stats and player's last name. Front, well, let's see. Player in action. There's a logo in small print then large watermark. There's uniform number the player used. The name along with position and info in small print. Then glob of colorful mess.

54 - Chris Gomez - got the player then no logo, 4/5 of the name watermark follow with name, team, jersey number, position, and info in small print. Then there's the green on the right.

41 - John Valentin - like the design above with what looks to be some form of blue

425 - Steve Traschel - like Al Martin card design except info on the left and logo and large watermark on the right. The pitcher gave up, at the time, record breaking 62nd homerun to Mark McGwire.

305 - David Justice - this design has large team logo and the player with small info print. Background has player in hue form. A star player with 3 All-Star appearances.

538 - Delino DeShields - this design they tried fit everything around with name, number, and small print info. On the background has small pictures of DeShields trying get Andy Warhol look.

AS15 - Mickey Tettleton/Fred McGriff - insert card of starting All-Star players from 1994 game. AL player on the front and NL player on the back. I like how they stamp logos on each side.

355 - Mike Lansing - see David Justice card on design. Lansing waiting for ground ball while in the background he's swinging the bat in a solarized hue color.

587 - Mark Portugal - see Delino DeShields design in good try but awful looking Andy Warhol background.

184 - Jose Mercedes - just wow. This is a mess. Got the player name while his info in much larger print and the last name in much bigger print. For Mercdes he would lead the AL in losses in 2001.

518 - Andres Gallaraga - Now they somehow got this card right. Gallaraga making contact with the ball and got Warhol-ized on the background.

156 - Gary Gaetti - see Jose Mercedes card on this mess.

In 95 Fleer went crazy on card design trying feature cards like artwork. This design was carried over to their basketball and hockey sets of that year. Experimental but failed big time. Artwork design didn't work out on baseball AND basketball yet strangely the design looked good on hockey cards. I didn't like this set yet I liked 95 Fleer hockey which has the same design.

Anyway season starts in few more weeks.

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jacobmrley said...

Each design corresponded to which division the team was in - thus the six different designs. I am pretty sure they did the same in the other sports too.