Friday, March 07, 2014

2012 Panini NFL Stickers

Just a little bit of a plug for my blog before I get started here: I just busted up a 2010 Topps NFL factory set, and I don't really collect football cards. If you're interested in a player, team, school or some combination of those things, let me know. I could send you cards and you could send some back. It could be fun? And now, here's something I bought for 50 cents.

18 - Mario Williams - Let me just say that I really don't like how the player name is not aligned properly.

81 - Jermaine Gresham - I remember him from his Oklahoma days.

242 - Dez Bryant - Oklahoma State here. Kind of a troublemaker. Can you tell that I pay more attention to college football than the pros?

450 - Brandon Browner - Oregon State Beavers alum. Got busted for Adderall or something and just got recently reinstated.

492 - Cortez Kennedy - It's nice to see some old school players in this set. Also, this is sticker #492? That's a lot of stickers to collect!

 285 - Chicago Bears - Team stickers are sticker album staples.

267 - Jeremy Maclin - Here's one for my own collection. I am a quiet Eagles fan.

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Unknown said...

You still have those cards? I'm interested in three teams, let me know!