Friday, February 06, 2015

2015 Topps Series One

Yasiel Puig gazes off into the distance, looking to the future. That future is upon us. The future is 2015 Topps. All hail 2015 Topps.

28 - Alex Cobb - He's good and pretty under the radar, so I could have done worse as a first card of the year.

73 - Freddie Freeman - Freddie Freeman, professional baseball player.

262 - Ryan Braun - The card backs look great this year! Even better -- no one gets to see Ryan Braun's face because I said so.

60 - Michael Wacha - I am more excited to see what Wacha can do this year than just about any other Cardinal, though I'm probably just as curious about Jason Heyward.

271 - Pittsburgh Pirates - Team cards are back.

158 - Kevin Kiermaier - "Oof. Baseball is hard."

A-24 - Ty Cobb Archetypes - He represents aggressiveness, according to the back of the card. All I can think of is the famous picture of him getting ready to kick another player in the face.

Alright! Coupon time!

233 - Carlos Ruiz - Ruiz is a solid catcher.

291 - Mark Reynolds - Reynolds is a Cardinal now and I am not yet completely outraged by this. In due time, folks, in due time...

336 - Matt Carpenter - One of my favorite players, doing that whole third baseman's turn thing that makes my elbow hurt just thinking about it.

 248 - Addison Reed - And that's all, folks.

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Big Tone said...

I like this years design.I'm just coming back to the hobby after a few years and I was planning on only going after Topps High Tek this year but I might have to make an exception.