Thursday, April 30, 2015

1991 Space Shots Series 2

You never know what you'll find at the Thrift Shop.  I have a Value Village not too far away from my house and I stop in a couple times a month to see if there's anything that interests me.  To be honest there seems to be no rhyme or reason to some of the packaging or the pricing.  I ended up picking up this sealed pack of 1991 Series 2 Space Shots for a buck fifty.  It came packaged with a couple packs of playing cards.

I'm a big fan of history and space and I'm not sure if I'd ever even seen these cards before.

I'm sure Series 1 was similar, but the cards range from the early days of NASA and Space Exploration right up to the present day, which was 1991 when this set came out.  Very cool. Plus the back of the cards have a ton of great information.  This set would have been great had it included some autographs of these American Heroes.

There were two Charles Duke Jr cards in the pack

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Billy Kingsley said...

These are great...I must find some of these for myself. I've been fascinated with space my whole life. Probably comes from watching Star Wars so much.