Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Topps Chipz Baseball

Back again for the 3rd year.  Topps did away with the auto chipz, but there are still relic chipz to find and Mascots and the Black Border Red Foil Chips seeded one per case.

In all there are a bunch of parallels to chase.
PARALLEL CARDS: Red Border - 1:2 packs, Gold Sticker - 1:3 packs, Blue Border - 1:4 packs, Green Border - 1:6 packs, Black Border - 1:10 packs, Black Border Red Foil Sticker - 1 per case
(from Cardboard Connection)

 No checklist yet as the writing on this, but once again chipz aren't numbered.

The chipz are still heavy and poker quality.  
Here's what I got.

The Bernie Brewer is a magnet parallel.  The magnets are easy to find in the gravity feeders since they stick to each other.  

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