Saturday, August 15, 2015

2013 Topps Qubi

It's been a while since I've ripped a pack for APTBNL. Since I was ripping for my Pack-A-Daily Circus, I thought I would cross-post here because it looks like no has done one of these before. Today, I present 2013 Topps Qubi:

Each pack of Qubis (Qubiis? Qubii?) contains one (1) cube. My pack was a special offering so we actually had two in our package.

We ended up with Starlin Castro and Ryan Howard. The cubes feature three images that you can see one at a time, depending on how you turn the cube. Okay, technically, you can see all three if you hold it just right, but the idea is to focus on one at a time. On the backside of one image, we see the player's last name and uniform number.

The bottom of the cube has a plastic cover that removes to reveal the stamp you got. There are three variations and not every player has every variation. There are portraits (10 players), signatures (50 players), and logos (15 players). We pulled a Castro signature and a Howard portrait.

 These are interesting bits of collectibles. As of the date of this writing, you can buy a box of 18 packs (1 stamper per pack) for about $20 - more or less, depending on your shopping prowess I suppose.

The name of disclosure: I got the images of the qubis from online. They are not my own images.

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