Thursday, August 20, 2015

2014 Rittenhouse James Bond 007 Archives

I forgot I even scanned this, considering the year. Random picked a pack of James Bond I ripped at my LCS pack wars a good year ago. Interesting set for sure, but definitely for that niche market of Bond film fans.

Gold foil wrapper. Who is surprised about that? This is the 2014 edition, but I have no clue is there was a 2013 or 2015 releases. Cardboard Connection says YES - 2015 edition was released. Well, you get six cards to a pack, let's have at it.

The 2014 set celebrates 5 different Bond films. The main is Casino Royale, but there are insert sets for Thunderball, Live And Let Die and Tomorrow Never Dies. Plus the base set has some Skyfall cards to complete it. Each box has autographs as well as gold foil parallels. Two autographs and one gold parallel per box. I do believe this is Eva Green as Vesper Lynd. Horrible Bond girl name.

007 Daniel Craig with villian Le Chiffre.

Some beefcake for you lady readers. And what the hell is he drinking? That is NOT a vodka martini, shaken not stirred!

This is a gold foil parallel, as you can see the movie name in the lower right. The cards for Tomorrow Never Dies also have gold parallels in the box. These are numbered to /99.

More of Bond and Vesper Lynd. What, no "Pussy Galore"? "Holly Goodhead"? "Mary Goodnight"? "Kissy Suzuki"? "Octopussy"??????? So much for the good ol' days.

And the tables get turned on the bad guy. Don't they always lose to Bond and his partners? WIll they ever learn?

All the back are horizontal with a different image. The description ties in the picture on the back with the image on the front. The card stock in nice on these, but all in all the design is very bland.

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Jafronius said...

I heard about the set when it was first released. I never came across any packs, though. I just assumed the set would cover all the movies and have a more interesting card front.