Saturday, May 07, 2016

2014 Panini Player of the Day football

Very small pack today. This pack fits the mantra of "We are ripping at least one pack of every card product ever made". It was a giveaway I got from my LCS from a pack wars night, because free is the only way I'll do football, and even then it had to be forced into my hands.

Nothing flashy on the pack as it's just silver with their POTD logo in black. Two cards per pack.

Very simple design. I'm not sure if the design is unique to the "set", or if it is similar to another product from 2014. I did a quick ebay scan of images, but I didn't notice anything. If someone knows for sure, please put it in the comments. But you can see the Panini logo upper right. The standard too large set logo in the center (seems to be a Panini trademark look now). Player and team name below. No foil to be found.

Rookie card POTD. The horizontal look better than the vertical. And the back.

The backs are the same for the regular and the rookie. Just the numbering is different. Not sure what helmet that is on the bottom - way too much yellow showing. Then again, the Jag helmets are ugly. Or beautiful, if you think of Jacksonville as an NCAA team outfitted by Under Armor.

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