Sunday, January 08, 2017

2016-17 Panini Donruss NBA

Here's a new-ish pack of cards from the current NBA season. Panini is really milking their 1990 Donruss inspired design for all its worth. A similar look will be used for the 2017 baseball set as well.

185 - Demetrius Jackson - Here's a D-Leaguer doing a thing with the ball. All of the rookie photos are studio shots as usual.

181 - Patrick McCaw - Another rook.

44 - Kemba Walker - On to the action shots. All of the cards have team color influenced borders, but they also have some sort of bronzish goldish lean to them as well.

2 - Jahil Okafor - Panini went away from the classic horizontal Donruss card backs here in favor of minimal stats, a blurb, no photo and a lot of dead space. Definitely my least favorite thing about these cards.

7 - Khris Middleton - Underrated player who plays for a team that doesn't get noticed a lot.

65 - Julius Randle

23 - Marcus Smart - Currently locked in a frosted hair battle with the Trail Blazers Allen Crabbe.

24 - Magic Johnson Hall Kings - Insert alert! While the base cards are fairly thick and glossy, these Hall Kings (along with Court Kings) are just like this past year's Diamond Kings baseball set.

135 - Stephen Curry - This is the first time in five years that Curry's mouthguard hasn't been hanging out of his mouth.

131 - Damian Lillard - Dame, a hero to everyone.

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