Wednesday, April 21, 2021

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball

What is this? It's a pack of 2021 baseball cards. I was surprise to see a pack today at Target. It's bare and out of stock at every place that sell cards. When there's opportunity grab a pack. This is first baseball pack I purchased this year. I got is a 9 card pack of this year's Topps Heritage. The 500 card set is from 1972 Topps design.

264 - Lucas Giolito - front and back of the card. Giolito threw the first no-hitter of 2020 season

288 - Jon Berti

201 - Ryan McBroom

126 - Nick Castellanos - In Action card of Nick. This one feature his highlights from a game against his former team, Detroit Tigers.

88 - AL RBI Leaders - Jose Abreu lead AL in RBIs in 2020

48 - Shane Bieber - In Action card of former All-Star MVP. Back of the card showed AL ERA Leaders from 1975-2020

270 - Cesar Hernandez

43 - Jose Altuve - got an Astros. I will still cheer on my team.

328 - Jonathan Schoop

This is the pack of 2021 Topps Heritage. Good luck on finding a pack these days.


Bulldog said...

Not a bad pack. Glad you found some. It's been tough on so many collectors. I like the RBI leaders card. Thanks for sharing.

Jafronius said...

I also found a lone pack in the Toy section of the Target close to work. For some reason it was hanging around with the Pokemon. Of course I bought it.