Tuesday, May 18, 2021

2016 Upper Deck Marvel Dossier

Comic cards were all the rage in the 90's, then they disappeared. Upper Deck ended up w/ the Marvel license and started to release new sets in the late 2010's. I didn't pay these much attention, though sadly I wished I did because now most of these sets command big money on the secondary market.

A few months back my older brother, who loves to shop for clearance items, found these packs of 2016 Upper Deck Marvel Dossier in those yellow cardboard clearance bins in the trading card section at Walmart stores. I had seen them as well, but originally thought it was just dog tags since there were other dog tag products (Better Call Saul & Walking Dead) in the same bins...however these packs contain 3 cards in addition to the dog tag. Ever since I figured that out I've been hitting those bins and buying up any packs I can find. At $1.49 it's affordable and it's fun to be ripping Marvel packs again.

The base set consists of just 55 cards and features an assortment of Marvel heroes and villains. I'm not sure if the artwork is lifted from particular comics, but most of the art I've seen is pretty good. The back features some "stats" as well as a bio of the character. Overall, I really like these cards.

This pack yielded one card I needed for the set (Deadpool) and one duplicate, this card of Captain Marvel. Surprisingly I've only pulled a few duplicates so it's been fun building the set. Of all the cards I have thus far, this card of Carol Danvers is one of my favorites.

Each pack also yields one silver foil parallel card. I didn't have this foil version of Spider-Woman so that was a pleasant surprise. It'll be harder to complete this set, but with all the clearance packs I've found I'm off to a good start.

Unlike some other Marvel card/dog tag packs I've opened, these dog tags come in a small zip lock bag, glued to a thick white cardboard card. I like this because it helps keep the trading cards in the pack free of damage. This pack yielded a dog tag of Spider-Man's nemesis, none other than the Green Goblin. According to the checklist over on TCDB, this particular dog tag is labeled as a short print (SP). This was news to me as the packaging doesn't mention any of the tags being SPs, but I'll take it. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the bevy of dog tags I now have, but I'll figure something out. Perhaps I'll put them in a penny sleeve and a top loader? Your thoughts?


cynicalbuddha said...

Man I haven't even seen dogtags at my Wally World!

flywheels said...

If you want a few of the actual dogtags, let me know as I'm sure I have some doubles

Bulldog said...

Really good looking cards. I like the art and the Carol Danvers is nice. Good post.