Friday, July 16, 2021

2020 Topps Holiday


Hope everyone is ready for the weekend.  Today is ol' Jafronius's birthday...45 years of me!  It's a big birthday date in the family as well, because not only is it my birthday, but my sister-in-law's (The Wifey's sister) and my brother-in-law's (my sister's husband) too!  It is the best day for a birthday, in my opinion...I'm sure everyone of you disagrees with me, except Night Owl.

Anyway, I was at the LCS a couple of weeks ago to collect my auction winnings.  I hadn't been there since March so I had to make an appearance before the owner got too antsy.  Spent way too much money on things I normally wouldn't buy, like $2 for 10 Sterling Sharpe cards.  Money was also spent on various packs of 2020 releases The Virus-caused pandemic wiped from our stores.  Here's one of them:

Christmas in July!

Yes, I paid $4.50 for a pack that came from a regularly-priced $20 blaster box.  I'm not very proud of that, which goes for the other 2020 packs I picked up that day.  But here's what I got:

#HW66 - Cody Bellinger
#HW121 - Jake Rodgers (RC)

I did not see many posts out in the blogosphere with cards from this set (other than team-specific posts), so it's possible this is the first time some of you have seen images from the release.  Add some snowflakes and garland, change the box colors to red and green, and boom, Christmas!

#HW117 - Yoan Moncada
#HW159 - Victor Robles

Some of the snowflake placement ends up making the player fight the elements, like Victor here trying to make a catch before the oncoming blizzard.

#HW141 - Christian Walker
#HW198 - Mike Clevinger

At first I was bummed that my $4.50 was spent on a pack with no insert, but while taking pictures for this post I realized the Walker had metallic snowflakes.  It comes one in every two packs.

#HW197 - Keston Hiura
#HW33 - J.D. Martinez

There's 200 cards in the checklist.  Those who are interested can go here.

#HW193 - A.J. Puk
#HW96 - Ronald Acuna Jr.

We end on a nice image of Acuna giving bunny ears to the garland.  It stinks that he's done for the year.

Here are some backs because birthday:

Anyway, that's the pack.  It's a good thing Rebel Coyote picked up and posted a Flagship Series 2 pack so I didn't have to drop $6 on one of those, but hey, that's the spirit of the season, right?  Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for reading!