Friday, December 03, 2021

1992 Lime Rock Pro Cheerleaders

A pack of cards featuring cheerleaders from Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Raiders, Miami Dolphins, and New Orleans Saints. It's a 155 card set starting at card no. 42 to card no. 197. On to the pack...

Checklist of Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders with calendar offer on the back of the card
159 - Linda Sobek - one of LA Raiders cheerleaders. A sad start to the pack. I did a search on her name and found out she was murdered in 1995.
140 - Adrianne Harris - according to her Linkedin she's a special events and productuin coordinator
125 - Dawn Beccia
73 - Rochelle Brunner - got dat cheerleader
183 - Carmen L. Corvos - former Dolphins cheerleader is currently senior VP of marketing and sales of Crystal Cruises.
118 - Anjanette Abayari - Filipino actress appeared and starred in numerous Filipino films such as Darna! She got a YouTube channel spreading the message of God.
46 - Kelli Weems
100 - Kirsten Dian Krueger - got a Cowboys cheerleader
196 - Carla Cordallo

156 - Christy Sandoval

Hope you enjoy a pack of cheerleader poses in short mini-skirts and pom-poms.


Hackenbush said...

It's cool that you can find out something about some of them.

Bulldog said...

Good looking cards and ladies. Always fun.

Beliza said...

It is extremely ironic that while passing through "middle of nowhere North Carolina" I stopped at a vintage store and saw a lone trading care in a glass case. It has a 10cent price tag and I bought "her w/out even looking bc I felt badly she was hanging solo in a random store. Anyway it turns out the card is from the 1991 Lime Rock set, her nickname is "Twiggy" and she was a cheerleader for the Bullets. I couldn't find any checklist to add to TCDB etc but did find this post where you must have also stumbled upon this "hidden gem" of a set recently- anyway- felt the need to share bc I doubt I'll find a checklist to get published to be able to share with anyone else :) Cheers! Becks