Thursday, December 30, 2021

2021 Topps Allen and Ginter Chrome Hobby Pack


Next up on my small pack purchase from my recent trip to my LCS, Boscos, here in Anchorage, Alaska.  It's a great shop and if you happen to be up in the Great White North you should stop in.  I picked up a pack of 2021 Allen and Ginter Chrome.  I almost passed as this 4 card pack was about $7 and change, but I had seen a bunch of box breaks and wanted to see some cards in hand.  Autographs from this product are case hits, so I wasn't surprised to not get one.  Let's see what was in the pack.  

If you've seen the regular A&G you know the basic design, but the cards do look really nice in hand.

I personally love the odd ball inserts and subjects so it was nice to get this World's Largest insert.  And all these insert minis are on refactor stock.

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Anonymous said...

Thought they put braids on Robinson for a second there...