Wednesday, February 08, 2023

2022 NFL P.A. Sport Stamps Collection Book Starter Pack

Super Bowl is coming this Sunday. How about waiting for the big game with a starter pack of this. It's not really stamps. It's more of peel and stick them on the pages of the booklet. A mini-size Panini sticker book is best to call it. Here's the book.
Here's the checklist. Not shown is the back.
These stamps you can use and stick anywhere you like.

Then to the stickers

351 - Welcome to Seattle; 64 - Devin White; 144 - Cowboys; 17 - Joe Burrow jersey
39 - Broncos; 11 - Staley da Bear; 324 - Mark Andrew - it even got team mascots
389 - Vikings; 89 - Khalil Mack jersey; 272 - Jeremy Chinn
297 - Davante Adams jersey; 354 - Devin Bush; 375 - Welcome to Houston; 210 - Andrew Thomas
208 - George Kittle. Got 1:24 sticker.
159 - Eagles; 35 - Billy Buffalo; 309 - Cooper Kupp - got Eagles logo. Must be a sign. They are winning it this year.

Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday along with festivities days before. Who you got winning?

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flywheels said...

Thanks for posting this. My curiosity was about to get the best of me the other day. I too thought it looked like a mini Panini sticker album. I like the variety of the stickers too. May have to at least pick up a pack...gotta chase my Panthers and NC State alumni!