Friday, February 10, 2023

2022 Topps Heritage High Number Blaster Pack


Hope everyone is doing well.  Yes, it's Super Bowl time, but I'm behind and meant to post this a while back.

Santa gifted a blaster box of Heritage High Number to my eldest and I, each of us getting 4 packs.  

As an aside, I didn't realize my kids telling me of their doubts in the existence of the Man With The Bag would affect me the way it did.  For all I know this was years in the making and they just didn't say anything until this past year.  I told them it's their loss and made them promise that even if they are no longer believers they had better not mess it up for their younger cousins.  At least I no longer have to deal with those Elves on the Shelves, (in their case) Bingie and Bongo.

Anyway, my kid gave me the best pack of his share:

There's 4 pack designs.  Let's see what he got:

#629 - Jeremy Pena (RC)
#668 - Bryan Lavastida (RC)

Hey, it's World Series MVP Jeremy Pena!  The kid enjoyed pulling this card.  

Lavastida gets the RC treatment as well, but he appeared in only 6 games.  Former Cub outfielder Michael Hermosillo played in 31 games last card issued for him in 2022.

#561 - J.J. Matijevic (RC)
#501 - CJ Abrams (RC)

The kid was also happy to get Abrams.  I wonder why J.J. uses dots and CJ doesn't.

#RP-13 - Seiya Suzuki (Rooke Performers) 

There's 15 cards in the Rookie Performers set, and he was pumped to pull Seiya, just like Seiya was to get pulled.

#559 - Joey Bart
#515 - Royce Lewis (RC)

There's 225 cards in the checklist, with the last 25 being short-printed.  Several players even have 1 to 5 variations to chase.  Both Bart and Lewis have 1 variation, while CJ Abrams has 5 to look for.

#606 - Jack Lopez (RC)
#575 - Whit Merrifield

Lopez gets a RC for playing in 6 games with Boston in 2021.  He signed with Detroit for the 2022 season but didn't play in a game.  He's a Free Agent again.  Meanwhile, Cubs pitcher Mark Leiter Jr. appeared in 35 games last year...yup, no card issued for him in 2022.

Here are some backs because The Big Game:

Anyway, that's the pack.  7 out of 9 are Rookie Cards and most are not even Hott Rookiez, so take that as you will.  I'd rather see more journeymen and veterans in my sets.  Enjoy the Super Bowl, and thanks for reading!

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