Wednesday, June 28, 2023

1983 Donruss Action All-Stars

I recently received two packs of the 1983 Donruss Action All-Stars and opened up one of them on my blog. I reserved the other one for this blog, which I will show now:

60 - Set Checklist

This card was staring out of the top of the cellophane packaging, not exactly an enticement for a young collector to pick up that particular pack. But it is numbered, which means you need it to finish the 60-card set!

54 - Richie Zisk, Mariners

I interviewed Richie Zisk once. I'll bring that up every time I pull one of his cards. He was one of my favorites as a kid, back when he was a Pirate and Ranger.

48 - Dave Stieb, Blue Jays

Dave Stieb has received quite a bit of retro appreciation in the last couple of years. But anyone watching baseball in the 1980s knows already how good he was then.

50 - Lance Parrish, Tigers

There was one of those best-of-the-'80s vote-offs on Twitter last week in which the top catchers were listed. Parrish won out over Gary Carter, which shocked me. But looking at the stats an argument can be made for both. Both were World Series champs in the '80s.

Mickey Mantle puzzle pieces

I've forgotten what numbers the individual three pieces are and I don't feel like figuring out where I put it.

44 - Carl Yastrzemski, Red Sox

All right, some Hall of Fame action! Yaz was a great pull at the time as he was winding down his career and tributes were everywhere. Heck, his cards were a great pull any time of his career.

Look at all those stats! Donruss even found space to squeeze in some bio information, including his hobbies!

I have a theory that the Action All-Stars cards went overboard on stats to show all the collectors complaining about the limited amount of stats on Donruss' main sets that Donruss had a mean stat game, too.

38 - Rod Carew, Angels

Two Hall of Famers to wrap up the pack! Interesting photo choice for Carew.

That's the end. I mentioned over on my blog that I remember buying these cards in 1983 from a deli in town that had all kinds of oddball sets, like Topps stickers and Fleer stamps, which my regular card source did not have.

Good times.


Big Tone said...

These look cool! Never seen them before.

Johnnys Trading Spot said...

Night Owl, you made me get up off of my keester when you posted about these on your main gig. I bindered up the handful of the Donruss Action All Stars (some 83, some 84, complete 85" as well as the Super Diamond Kings that I had forgotten about (you mentioned them too). Turns out I have the partial 85 and 86, and complete 87', 88', and 89' sets too. They now are all bindered in those precious although dusty 4 pocket pages you also posted about.

Fuji said...

Had the pleasure of opening up a box of the 1984 versions a few years ago after purchasing a collection on Craigslist. Thought I opened a box of the 1983 (b/c of the Mantle puzzles, but just looked back at my blog posts and saw that I opened up a box of the 1983 Donruss HOF Heroes instead.

As for your pulls... that's a very cool portrait photo of Carew with his sweat band!