Monday, August 21, 2023

1994 Fleer Football

I'm not much of a football collector, but I think I love everything about this set. It takes a very underrated design (1994 Fleer baseball) and elevates it a notch. I even love the wrapper. It's football, as you can plainly see!

213 - Rohn Stark - You never see punter cards anymore, let alone ones with this good of a close up action shot. This really makes me want to bust out some Tecmo Super Bowl.

275 - Mark Higgs - In addition to the player name and position, you get a gold foil stamped logo and a facsimile signature. 

122 - Kevin Smith - You also get two full color photos on the back.

107 - Troy Aikman - A familiar face.

294 - Chris Hinton - Okay... one nit to pick here. The horizontally oriented photos still have the player name/logo/etc. on the short side of the card, but everything else is facing the other direction. I wasn't sure how to display this scan and I'm still not.

199 - John Baylor - Not to be confused with John Taylor, I guess.

268 - Gene Atkins

12 - Jerome Bettis Rookie of the Year - The Bus had an entire insert set dedicated to himself, as Fleer was wont to do in the '90s. (My favorite one was the Clyde Drexler insert set in 1992-93 Fleer Ultra basketball.)

463 - Kurt Gouveia

437 - Cortez Kennedy - Another Hall of Famer, and another football player who died way too young.

451 - Craig Erickson - Check that sassy Bucs logo.

389 - Levon Kirkland

335 - Carlton Bailey - Bailey has a huge signature.

164 - Edgar Bennett - Here's another one of those dastardly horizontal photos.

318 - Morten Andersen - We end things with a legendary kicker.


GTT said...

I'm not a football fan but this is a really nice set. Makes me want to get a few.

Jon said...

It is a nice set; and one that rarely ever gets mentioned on the blogs.