Thursday, August 31, 2023

2022 Panini Select Draft Picks Value Pack


To mark the return of college football, I picked up a pack of football cards in college uniforms. It would be a lot more timely if this was the 2023 set, but this was the best thing I could find at the time.

57 - Terrell Davis - The cards are a mix of pro stars (past and present) in their college uniforms and players entering their rookie NFL seasons. Terrell Davis will always remind me of the turn of the millennium.

15 - Kenneth Walker III - Walker had a terrific rookie season in Seattle. Each base card, incidentally, has blue borders, which is typical for the retail versions of Select cards from recent years. Hobby versions usually have a regular silver chrome finish.

72 - Clinton Portis - If you've never seen it, I highly recommend the old 30 for 30 episode about "The U".

29 - Derrick Henry - Henry has had a lengthy career (for a pro running back) in Tennessee.

86 - Travon Walker - The backs are typical boring Panini fare. They all have the NFLPA license. I'm not sure if this year's set includes any current college players on NIL deals or not. There's a good chance it's the same setup.

44 - Lamar Jackson - Here's Jackson doing what he's probably best known for.

151 - Ray Lewis Red Lazer Prizm - It's weird seeing Ray Lewis in his college uniform, since I have his Ravens gear burned into my memory.

4 - Garrett Wilson Red Lazer Prizm - Thanks, Panini, for making me type "lazer" with a Z for some reason. (And... prizm with a Z for some reason.)

SC-UNC - Sam Howell / Dyami Brown / Mitchell Trubisky Select Company - If you collect college cards by the school, this has to be an intriguing insert design. I wouldn't mind owning a few Oregon Ducks cards like this.

EN-CS - Carson Strong En Fuego - Strong may have been "en fuego" in college, but he's already moved on from the prospects of a pro career as he's gotten into coaching.

129 - Davante Adams - This is a very Bulldog-heavy pack.

186 - Roquan Smith - So many Bulldogs. Most of them have been of the Georgia variety, like this one.

144 - Cooper Kupp - There probably aren't a ton of Eastern Washington cards out there, and I'd bet that Cooper Kupp is on most of them.

102 - Malik Willis - I cannot stand to see or hear the word "liberty" because of that stupid insurance company and their annoying TV commercials.

160 - Stefon Diggs - We go out with Diggs and a dose of the weird uniform.

Enjoy the season, everyone!


Jon said...

$8 seems kind of pricey for something that's being marketed as a value pack.

Anonymous said...

Usually Panini’s “value packs” go for $10 to $15 retail price these days.