Thursday, January 18, 2024

1999 Victory Football

It's playoff time, so let's check out another old pack of football cards. This is another one that I found at a card show recently. Upper Deck released a Victory branded set for several years in baseball (and probably longer in hockey), but this claims to be the first edition of a Victory NFL set.

118 - Fred Taylor - Our first card of the pack is a Jacksonville Jaguar. The Jags were still a relatively new franchise at this point.

289 - Jerome Bettis - The "All-Victory-Team" subset design is a bit weird. The dashes are very strange. When you're The Bus, you're going to obscure some of the letters on this busy looking thing.

92 - Herman Moore - Moore was a star player for a team that didn't often have a lot going for it.

66 - Marquez Pope - Pope was new to the Browns (who were, oddly, an expansion team in 1999) so he's shown at practice here.

243 - Travis Jervey - New team with an old uniform. His last name is one letter off from a terrific sports name.

322 - Jamal Anderson - Here's another busy subset design. Jamal Anderson was a huge star for a short time.

217 - Trent Green - Trent Green somewhat famously turned his excellent 1998 season with Washington, only the second of his career, into a big contract where he was supposed to lead the upstart Rams only to be forced to make way for the Kurt Warner Story due to injury.

220 - Amp Lee - Another Rams guy, Lee was always more of a passing catching back.

194 - Rickey Dudley - Years from now, no one is going to be able to keep track what years the Raiders played where.

293 - Jerry Rice - One of the most famous wide receivers of all-time.

292 - Doug Flutie - Flutie's notoriety always seemed to eclipse his actual accomplishments on the field.

420 - Sedrick Irvin - Each pack promises one rookie card, and we get this guy on a trampoline, apparently. I'm not sure if these were short printed or if there just weren't very many rookies in this set.

The last thing in the pack is this bonus sweepstakes card.


OhioTim said...

As a Steelers fan/collector and a Jerome Bettis fan/collector, I have to say I like that card of The Bus. And to be honest, I am not sure if I have a copy of it in my almost 1000 card collection of his cards.

Vintage Football Card Gallery said...

I love the Sedrick Irvin card. It reminds me of some of the old team issue photos, where the players are making exaggerated moves you'd never see in a game--like this one.