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1995 TCM Associates Santa Around the World


This is a pack of 1995 TCM Associates Santa Around the World. This is from the Series 2 (aka "Bonus") set. The wrapper is gold foil and shows a hand-drawn Santa peering over his glasses. In the upper left corner, the "SANTA Around the World" logo appears. This set is also referred to as the "Santa and Snowflakes" set due to the snowflakes on the wrapper. Each pack contains 8 cards and there are 73 base cards (1 unnumbered), 12 foil chase cards, 4 "Children's cards," 4 gold foil "Children's cards," several phone cards, and at least 2 special mail-in redemption gold cards in the set.

Each card features a green border with white snowflakes. The "SANTA Around the World" logo sits in the upper left corner. The center of the card shows the main version of Santa being represented. At the bottom, a red banner with white lettering provides the caption of the subject depicted.

These first three show 1930 Europe, Grandfather Frost from Russia, and 1910 Europe:

In addition to the numbered base cards, there is one unnumbered card showing the completed puzzle:

This pack also contains a promo card showing off a bunch of "SATW" merchandise:

Next up, we have 1920 Germany, Christkindl from Germany, and another variation of 1910 Europe:

In the next scan, we see yet another 1910 Europe, a Father Christmas, and I have provided a scan of the back of the cards. The backs each feature a puzzle piece:

The link to the checklist not only provides the cards and their numbers, but also a lined out placement for each of the puzzle pieces. It is a very handy reference for how the completed puzzle should fit together.

Checklist can be found here:

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Bulldog said...

I've always wondered what this set was like. The 1920 Germany is my favorite.