Saturday, June 15, 2024

2023 Panini NFL Sticker and Card Collection

Let's check out the wonderful world of Panini stickers -- football style! I picked up this packet at a GameStop last weekend. Like in the past four or five years, these contain one full sized card and five stickers to stick in an album, if you like that sort of thing.

303 - CeeDee Lamb - First up, we have a foil sticker. The foil looks kind of cool this time around, with all of the various Panini logos floating in the hologram-sphere (holosphere?)

366 - Chicago Bears - Here's a simple team sticker. You could probably stick this on the back of your phone case or something if you like this team.

537 - Dre Greenlaw - Panini sticks a little bio info on the front of the stickers, which is pretty helpful considering the backs have nothing important on them as they are designed to be peeled off and thrown away.

124 - Marcus Williams - As a safety, I can't tell if Williams just intercepted a pass or if he's on a return team here.

519 - TuTu Atwell - That's quite a name!

56 - Aaron Donald (Card) - Here's the full-sized card. It uses the same design, but slaps a Panini logo in the upper left corner and pushes the bio stuff to the back.


Fuji said...

I like the idea of the sticker/card combo. I wonder how many cards are in the set.

madding said...

570 stickers and 100 cards in the NFL set.

Bulldog said...

Donald is a good card to pull. Not a bad design. I seem to give stickers additional leeway on their looks but overall these are good. First time seeing them. Thanks.