Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1992 Impel U.S. Olympicards

I'd like to thank Matt F. for inviting me to contribute to the blog. I have at least 100 packs that I found while raiding my parents' basement recently, so you can expect to see a lot of me around here (good or bad thing, TBD).

For my first post, I figured I'd go with some timely wax. Well...semi-timely. I don't have any Winter Olympic cards, so instead you get Impel's "U.S. Olympicards: 1992 U.S. Olympic Hopefuls." Nothing like opening a pack of shattered dreams. USA! USA!

#109 - Checklist - Well, this pack isn't getting MY hopes up by starting off with a stinkin' checklist card. Ooo, hey. Oscar De La Hoya's in the set!

#92 - Scott Fortune (Volleyball) - He may not be as rich as the name suggests, but he had already won gold in '88 and ended up captaining the '92 team to a bronze showing.

#32 - Janie Eickhoff (Cycling) - You know, I expected a little more passion from a cycling shot. Where's the intensity, Janie? Maybe that's why she didn't medal.

#35 - Kent Ferguson (Diving) - See, this is a good action shot. You can see the wind flowing through his Zack Morris hair. But, he didn't medal in the games either. That's 2-1 Hopefuls.

#26 - Raul Marquez (Boxing) - Not Oscar. Also, another guy who didn't medal, but he did have a pretty good pro career (44-4-1, 29 KOs). You know, the simple design isn't all that bad, but this card really shows how it can limit the power of the photograph. Way too much gets cropped out of a great shot.

#41 - Karen Lende (Equestrian) - Okay, the Hopefuls get another point here, although she did medal in '96 and '00. Bad picture. All I see is the green cover, when I should be looking at Mr. Ed. Or the horse...Zing!

#97 - Michael Evans (Water Polo) - Here's what the back looks like. How could I pass up showing this glamor shot? The guy in the senior yearbook picture (you all took yours shirtless too, right?) got silver in '88 but nothing else.

Offer card - Get expensive Schwag (while supplies last)!

#9 - Larry Bird (Men's Basketball - duh) - Now this is what I call a hopeful -- as in I hope your country doesn't mind getting wet, because Bird will be making it rain three-pointers all day long! I believe they won the gold.

#2 - Edwin Eliason (Archery) - Finally a sport that a man born in 1938 can compete in 54 years later. I actually shouldn't make fun. His card says he's a former Green Beret. He may be behind me right now. He didn't medal (gold went to a guy born in 1972).

#106 - Kenny Monday (Wrestling) - We have another winner! Gold in '88 and silver in '92. And what a great way to end the pack - with a picture of what makes the Olympics so magical: Togetherness. Hug it out, you two.

If nothing else, this set looks to be a great way to grab cards of some sports figures you couldn't normally collect (like the gymnast girls, Oscar, and Lance Armstrong to name a few). I didn't get an autograph or gold foil hologram, but at least I got Larry Bird, so I'll give this pack the silver.

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We needs more Olympic cards! They never cease to be awesome.