Sunday, February 28, 2010

2OOO Upper Deck Power Deck

Last summer when we attended the Nationals in Cleveland I purchased 13 "vintage" packs of cards with the intentions of displaying them here.I left them in a brown paper bag and put it in a file cabinet drawer.I'm finally getting around to posting them and, no, they weren't in that drawer unopened all this time !

I bought 3 of these Power Deck packs only because that's all the vendor had. I really love these things. I've heard that some people have a problem running them but they seem to work OK for me.

2000 Upper Deck Power Deck

1 card per pack
12 different base cards

Randomly inserted are the following sets :

UD Collection entry cards 1:1
Power Trio 1:7
Magical Moments 1:10 Hobby only (Griffey's 400th HR and Ripken's 3,000th hit)
Magical Moments Auto's Hobby only limited to 50

I got no inserts, other than the entry cards.

These were my 3 entry cards.They were included in many UD products that year.

I have the hole set of 10 cards, somewhere, but I never did send any in.
Can't win if you don't enter!!

The card comes in this vinyl sleeve and has the PC requirements to play the cards.
133 Mhz, 12 MB RAM Goodness !

And the first card is Pudge Rodriguez.

Next card, moving up to Mike Piazza.

And finally, Hof 'er Cal Ripken Jr.
( His insert auto is currently listed at $275.00)

Well, should we see if this thing works ?
Will my PC have necessary requirements ?
(which are not listed on the outside of the pack,so you didn't even know if you could play it when you bought it)

Here we go....
A lightening bolt flashes behind the title.I tried twice to catch it on the image but my old reflexes weren't quite quick enough.

The first section is entitled "Player Profile".
A brief, three page story of his career.

Section 2 is a "Highlight Reel".
The short video starts automatically when the program starts.

Next is the "Photo Gallery".
10 photos of Cal in action.
The "Card Gallery" displays five different Upper Deck baseball cards.

Final stop : "The Stat Zone".

Then , of course, we have to have some advertising.
I haven't checked to see if these web sites are still valid.

These cards are one of my lesser known mini collections.
I have four from 1999 and these three from 2000.
I am looking for others, along with the hard cards that came with them in 1999.
If you have any for trade, LMK Thanks!!


Roy said...

I have two, I believe. Mark McGwire and Derek Jeter if I am not mistaken.


Roy,if that means you want to trade those, shoot me an email !

Swag said...

I have one from 2000 I believe. It's Piazza though so you have that.. however my lcs has a few of these for a buck each.. i'll see if any are left when I go.

PunkRockPaint said...

I have quite a few... Let me know if you are interested. I will dig 'em out.