Wednesday, October 06, 2010

1995 Topps Stadium Club Series 1

Now... with 75% More 'The Kid'!

55 - Hipolito Pichardo (Do you think anyone ever called him Hippo?)

171 - Luis Polonia (This is the stuff that Stadium Club is known for. The third baseman - Brewers? - looks a bit awkward here, though.)

120 - Ken Griffey, Jr. Virtual Reality (One per pack parallel of the teal-clad Kid.)

- Checklist!

43 - Ray McDavid

213 - Mark Grace Best Seat in the House (This subset is all about explaining the camera vantage point for each shot, but I find that most cameras are not located in actual seats at baseball parks.)

111 - Brian Buchanan Draft Picks

Hilariously horrible card back! Hilarible.

194 - Ed Sprague (Nice shot here. Sprague is caught in the moment right before he's convinced that he caught the ball.)

122 - Deion Sanders

161 - Ismael Valdes

130 - Todd Stottlemyre (I don't think your arm is supposed to do that... or your face, for that matter.)

241 - Ken Griffey, Jr. (Regular Griffey... still in teal.)

59 - Kenny Powers... er, Rod Beck

257 - Luis Gonzalez

189 - John Franco (Your 1994 NL Saves Leader)


SpastikMooss said...

"Do you think anyone ever called him Hippo?"

I know I did!

Ryan H said...

Geez... I could have gone the rest of my life not knowing "Prime Time" had a rap career!