Friday, October 29, 2010

2010 Tristar Obak Baseball


It seems like what was once old is now new with all of these older throwback designs and sets being released.  Tristar carries on this trend with the release of 2010 Obak baseball.  Each $3.00 pack contains 4 cards and 1 T-212 mini card.  Randomly inserted are autographs, serially numbered parallels, back variations, short prints, cut signatures, T-212 mini autograph and more.  The pack also states that this is the 100th anniversary (1910-2010).  I picked up a few packs for kicks and here is what the first pack yielded:

#55 Toby Harrah

I love the information of the backs.  On 6/25/76, Toby became the only shortstop to play every inning of a doubleheader and not get a single ball hit to him.  Hard to imagine, but wow!

#44 Jason Heyward
I don't know if this is a short print, but seeing how I'm a Braves fan and collector I was very pleased finding this card in the pack.

#12 Cal Ripken Jr. - T-212 mini

Another trend I've been getting into with baseball cards are these mini cards so that was a big selling point for me with this set.  The fact that my one per pack mini was of Ripken was even better!  The back of the card has a circle around the #12.  I'm guessing that has some sort of significance.

#60 Emil Ogden Yde

I have no clue who this guy is, but the back again gives some interesting information.  He once lost a game without ever throwing a pitch!  On 4/11/30, while playing for the Hollywood Stars he entered an 8-8 game against the Oakland Oaks in the 11th inning and balked home the winning run.  Wow, how would you like to be remembered for that?!

#49 Tim Raines
Finally a player I know!  "Rock" won the 1980 MiLB Player of the Year award while playing for Denver of the American Association.  He ended up stealing a career total of 808 bases and was a 7 time all-star.  He won 3 World Series rings, a Silver Slugger award and was the 1987 MLB All-Star game MVP.

The base set is rather small at 120 cards when compared to some baseball releases these days so I can see how that would be an appealing factor for some.  I think Tristar has done an excellent job with this year's Obak set and it's a nice alternative to the variety of Topps products on the shelves.

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night owl said...

I don't think I have seen a single pack from this set that did not contain a Heyward card.