Monday, March 07, 2011

1989 Topps Football

I can't remember exactly where I picked up this pack. It might have been from a cheapo repack or from a quarter bin at a card shop. Let's see what's packed inside with the 20+ year old gum.

Wade Wilson from 1988 looks surprising like Brett Favre in 2010 don't you think?

#217 1988 NFL Passing Leaders Wade Wilson/Boomer Esiason

The highlight of this pack for me was pulling this Bruce Matthews card. Bruce is Packer's star Clay Matthew's uncle.

#91 Bruce Matthews

1000 Yard Club #23 John Settle

This card tells us that Tim broke Gale Sayers record for most combined net yards for a rookie.

#2 Tim Brown Record Breaker

#157 Dalton Hilliard

#53 Robb Riddick

The back of this card is one of the greatest examples of "mailing it in" a card can do. It tells us that "Robb is capable of returning kicks, running, catching, and throwing." But then again, so am I.

#152 New Orleans Saints Team Leaders


kevincrumbs said...

I have good memories of Dalton Hilliard from Tecmo Super Bowl.

R.N. Coyote said...

My first ever pack of football cards is 1989 Topps. I like this set for being simple. I remember pulling out Shane Conlan card and thought it was cool because it showed him with a missing front tooth.