Monday, March 07, 2011

1996 Pinnacle Summit

At some point my fascination with picking up 50 cent packs from the mid-90s is going to dry up, but it hasn't happened yet. It certainly was a time of peak creativity... a pinnacle... a summit, if you will!

49 - Cecil Fielder

145 - Mark Grace (I never thought I'd live in a time where Cubs cards would be welcome in my household, but entirely too many people want to trade for these things.)

182 - Felipe Crespo

144 - Dean Palmer

79 - Robin Ventura (I wonder if visions of Nolan Ryan beatdowns ever keep him awake at night.)

192 - Mike Busby (Busby is one of those guys I would not have known existed if it wasn't for baseball cards.)

76 - Jim Thome Foil (Nice to go out with a bang. Now, you can't pretend that the 2011 Topps Diamond parallels are innovative when there are countless examples of things like this from throughout the '90s.)


Nathan said...

I actually really like the design of these's the first I've ever seen/heard of this set.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway that I can put my name on the Thome card for our next trade? Please.... Anyway, a great pack from a great year! 1995 to 1997 are my favorite years for being a Tribe fan; 2 World Series appearances in three years.

madding said...

No problem. I'll set it aside for you.