Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 Topps Heritage Rack Pack

Today let's try our luck with a plus size Heritage pack.  I had some bad luck on a regular Heritage pack a little while ago and so let's see if that bad luck stays with me. 

Greg is the Mariner's #1 prospect and could be the best player from The Netherlands since Bert Blyleven. 
#362 Greg Halman [RC]
I recently did a little post on Billy Butler and his new contract with the Royals over at the my home blog.
#275 Billy Butler
Which Tommy Hanson will we get this season?  11-4 Tommy Hanson or 10-11 Tommy Hanson?
#63 Tommy Hanson
Brian started out as a pitcher but was eventually moved to the outfield.  A few days ago Brian was cut from the Spring Training team and so he'll start the season in the minors. 

#204 Brian Bogusevic [RC]

Kung Fu Panda has apparently slimmed down for Spring Training, which is certainly news...

#40 Pablo Sandoval
The latest episode of The Onion's Sportsdome has a hilarious segment of "Who Would You Kill?" with Kevin Slowey...but you don't take my word for it...
#166 Kevin Slowey
I don't think I'll make a go of completing this set but might do some of the insert sets or collect all the "floating heads" cards.   
#58 Wins Leader Roy Halladay/Adam Wainwright/Ubaldo Jimenez

It will be interesting to see who the Royals will put at 1st base this season Billy Butler or Kila Ka'aihue?  No Royal has had over 100 RBIs since 2003 and could Kila be the player that breaks that streak?
#481 Kila Ka'aihue
Here's what The Onion thinks of John Lackey...
#336 John Lackey

#123 Aaron Hill

#181 Dillon Gee [RC]
Ivan is about 180 hits short of 3,000 but he hasn't had that many hits in one season since 1999.

#262 Ivan Rodriguez
And my chrome cards was a Bobby Abreu. 
#C-80 Bobby Abreau Chrome #1765/1962

#4 Ben Zobrist

#20 Johnny Damon

#152 Jim Riggleman

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R.N. Coyote said...

Rather have Billy Butler than Kila Ka'aihue on my team. Ka'aihue given so many chances but shown to be a big swing hitter. Butler can hit, put a player on base, and get a double.