Friday, December 16, 2011

2007 Wizards of the Coast Transformers: 3D Battle-Card Game


Here's another pack from the crawlspace.   I remember being curious enough about it to pick a pack up from the Target $0.99 bin.  I am long past my card game phase, but never outgrew my Transformers phase.  We've seen the post on the expansion set Energon Wars, here's the premiere set...Transformers:  3D Battle-Card Game!

You can view more info on the release here, and info on the overall product here.  Alas, I didn't do as a complete of a scan as Colbey did with the Energon Wars set (I didn't get the backs of the character cards), but too late, the pack is back in the crawlspace, and I ain't going back in there until it's time to put all the Christmas stuff away.  Besides, it's scary and dark down there.  Here's what I got:

Here's the token card and the cover of the Game Rules.  Colbey did a good job recapping the rules, so no need to put them here again.

The Autobot I picked up is Mirage, a common card.

The Decepticon I got is Protoform Starscream, an uncommon.  That's good, I guess.  The rare cards are the main characters from the first movie, in case anyone was curious.

That's the pack.  If the voting follows the Energon Wars pack, this will make the Hall of Shame...oh well.  More later...thanks for reading!

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