Thursday, December 08, 2011

2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes

Let's change up the pace a little and look at some gridiron cardboard courtesy of the cheap-o box at my local Target store.


I never bought much of the Baseball Heroes stuff, but when I did I liked it.  Before today I've never even knew what these Football Heroes cards looked like.  Just like with the baseball set I'm now hooked!

#206 Billy Sims (Legendary Heroes)

#253 Tom Morello (Guitar Heroes)

What?  How did this card get in my pack?
#102 Adarius Bowman (Rookie Heroes)

#163 Jonathan Stewart (Rookie Heroes)

Woohoo!  A card that fits into my collection (Carolina Panthers) that I don't have.

#39 Dwayne Bowe (Football Heroes)

#8 Brett Favre (Football Heroes)

Some would say this card makes the pack a winner.  I say meh.

I can say I hope to find more of these in the discount box at Target in the near future.  There is just something about these "Heroes" sets that make them so much fun to collect.

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6,000,000 Cards and Counting... said...

I never really have been a fan after grabbing a case of blasters of the product. It is weird though because I love baseball heroes. It may just be that I am a huge baseball fan, and not a football fan at all. I was mainly looking for good cards in the football product, whereas with its baseball counterpart, I enjoyed each card more.