Sunday, February 26, 2012

1992 Pro Set Winston Cup NASCAR

NASCAR season about to start and already its been wild wreckfest weekend. Cue back to 20 years with this pack of NASCAR cards from Pro Set. 280 cards in the set along with legends and late Dale Earnhardt championship hologram card.

Start off with Pro Set discount card which comes in every Pro Set pack. The discount card used to buy merchandise from their Gazette catalog. You got to enjoyed Pro Set for trying to expand beyond cards. Also on is TNN (now SpikeTV) NASCAR TV coverage of 1992 season.

70 - Ted Musgrave - back of the card has stats of both NASCAR and Busch (now Nationwide) series along with team name, car number, and where they placed in the point standings. Notice they use to race 29 races back then now its bloated to 36 races.

As for Musgrave he drove in 55 car for two years before signing with Jack Roush in 1994 to drive no. 16 car which he won 5 poles but no victories. He would drive Truck series winning 17 races and won the championship in 2005.

17 - Car 33 Rig - even a team hauler gets printed on a card. Harry Gant drove no. 33 Skoal Bandit car which was owned by Leo Jackson. Jackson sold the team to Andy Petrie.

73 - Greg Sacks - journeyman driver has one career victory (1985 Firecracker 400 at Daytona). He also drove one of Days of Thunder film cars.

121 - Steve Loyd - crew chiefs get their own card as well along with stats.

L23 - Jack Smith - one of NASCAR Legends cards. Raced in the series from 1949 to 1964 winning 21 races, 23 poles, and 142 top-10s. Passed away in 2001.

L9 - Neil Castles - nicknamed Soapy had journeyman career from 1957 to 1976 without winning a race. According to him he was pulled a gun and shot a flag out of flagman's hand during a race.

43 - Richard Petty - with 200 wins and 7 championships 1992 was The King final season as a driver.

171 - Jack Pennington - surprised he got a card in the set since he didn't race in any of the series in 1991. In fact he gave NASCAR the middle finger when he lost out 1990 Rookie of Year honor in controversy. Never drove another NASCAR sanctioned race again.

8 - Robert Pressley - while a winner in Busch series he struggled in NASCAR top series. Had tough task replacing Harry Gant in no. 33 car after Gant retired

100 - Alan Kulwicki - unlike Tony Stewart, the owner and driver built his own team a winner. In 1992 he overcame odds to win NASCAR championship over Bill Elliot and Davey Allison. Tragically he died in a plane car while on route to Bristol on April 1, 1993.

219 - Keith Almond - engine builder for Bobby Allison. Yes he did get stats on back of his card.

L26 - Rex White - last card of the pack. He's 1960 NASCAR champion with 28 wins and 36 poles.

Let the NASCAR season get started.

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