Wednesday, February 01, 2012

2009 Goudey Baseball

Another pack from the re-pack box I picked up at Target. These cards of course try to emulate the classics of the 30s but with new players. 8 cards per pack. One nice bit about these and others like the Allen & Ginter is that the non-glossy stock allows for a nice autograph for those who seek autographs through the mail or by other means.

Hmm....let's look for those autographs...

Carlos Quentin - a member of the Chi-town White Sox here, let's see how he fairs as a Padre this year.

Victor "V-Mart" Martinez - an Indian here, now with the Tigers

Matt "Big Daddy" Holliday - a Cleveland Indian here and for only one year, now with the St. Louis Cardinals.

There he is, Chipper Jones...a regular in the packs I bust. Not a bad thing either and you've got to respect a guy who's been with the same club for almost a decade. This card has the Sport Kings look to it.

Kevin Kouzmanoff - a Padre here, just recently signed by the Kansas City Royals.

Bill Hall - seen here with the Milwaukee Brewers, signed with the Giants in 2011

Carlos Beltran - a member of the New York Mets in 2009, he's recently signed with the Cardinals. 6X All star and 1999 AL ROY are a few of Carlos' accomplishments.

Lastly, Denard Span - still with the Minnesota Twins

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