Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1997 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Series 2

Man, the '90s were wild. Collector's Choice, because of its low cost, was mostly a kid-oriented set I imagine. Still, this pack wrapper is kind of ridiculous. As with most Collector's Choice sets, the base card design is pretty plain and standard.

42 of 45 - Ellis Burks All-Star Connection (According to the odds, there's an All-Star Connection card in every pack.)

455 - Darryl Hamilton (Hamilton looks like kind of a creep. Kind of a real creep.)

284 - Tim Wakefield (The recent retiree.)

337 - Omar Olivares (I only know of Olivares from his Cardinals career.)

279 - Tim Naehring (Naehring finally found his way to regular playing time in the mid-'90s after riding the bench for a number of years.)

473 - Pat Cline Rookie Class (Insert Patsy Cline joke here. Hell, insert a Cubs joke while you're at it!)

404 - Andy Pettitte (A full bleed border and All-Star logo indicates that Pettitte was an All-Star the previous season.)

CG13 - Matt Williams You Crash the Game (These are a 1:5 pull according to the odds. This reminds me of after-school '90s cartoon shows, I think. Apparently if you collected all of these cards, you could exchange them for a redemption card, and if that redemption card had a player that... zzzzzz. I'm bored already.)

279 - Tim Naehring (Him again.)

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