Saturday, August 02, 2014

2013 Panini Rookie and Stars

Alright, in the ultimate of pack dumps, here is the last scanned pack of football I have yet to post. But no one else has posted it, so let's all enjoy the virtual ripping.

As opposed to the last two days, no Geno Smith to be seen on the foil wrapper. Let's see - left to right we Packer, EJ Manual I think, RGIII, a Ram, douchebag Kapernick, and Luck I believe. If I ranked the 6 players, take a guess who is the one I like the least? Anyway, the pack is clean and easy to read. Eight cards in the pack. And ripping...

Now this is different. Kind of 1985-ish. The foil name at the bottom is a poor choice, but I don't mind this design. It's fresh. The full bleed is something that hasn't been seen in a football set for a while.

Team logo is well placed, and the selected images are either purposeful to be selected without other players, or well photoshopped.

Packer. That's all I have to say about that.

I do wish Panini would select images with the Pink-tober crap. Hey - I like breasts like the next man. It's important to work on a cure. But the whole Susan J Komen thing is nothing but an advertisement for the group, which should do more to help women and find a cure. They want to make us "aware" of it. Trust us - we all know. Now spend more money on research and less on public education and fundraising. (steps off soap box)

Cardinals - ditch the black. Trust me on this.

Oh boy!!!!! A Tebow. I think this is shopped.

Love the Bears throwbacks. And there's my obligatory Cutler, even if he isn't the primary player.

Double Rookie Class!!!! Oh wait - that's hockey. Sorry, I got excited with the logo. If the photo isn't the player in pads, then go find one. Flipping over.

All cards have the one line/career totals with a biographical paragraph. Clean, but a lot of wasted space.

Well - there are my eight cards. Didn't get anymore. Nope. No bonus card in the pack. No siree bob.

Ok - yeah I did. Remember my comment at the top of a lack of Geno Smith on the pack?

Here's why. A nice pull in that there is a great two color swatch. And take a gander at the serial right above his name. Yuppers - 10/10. EBAY 1/1!!!!!! I am sooooooo rich! This parallel is rainbow foiled and available for trade. You can find me at my blog if you are interested.

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Yankeejetsfan said...

Nice break. Love that Geno.