Friday, August 22, 2014

Presstine 20 baseball card pack

Nothing say 20 random cards from Dollar Tree. I'm becoming a sucker for those. This will be sorted by year.

1983 Topps: 209 - Mike Moore

1991 Upper Deck: 552 - Lance Parrish; 790 - Wally Backman
1992 Upper Deck: 587 - Larry Andersen; 307 - Brett Butler; 269 - Dick Schofield; 160 - Felix Fermin; 25 - Kenny Lofton

1993 Upper Deck: 534 - David Cone; 124 - Andy Van Slyke; 147 - Chris Sabo - interesting AVS card as he gets down to first base after being beaned on the elbow

1995 Leaf: 208 - Tm Raines - one of best card designs in the 90s

1995 Fleer Emotion: 170 Denny Neagle - Fleer being experimental with this card. Like how background matches team colors. I believe pack of these cost $4-5 at the time

1995 Upper Deck Collector Choice: 404 - Manny Lee

1998 Fleer Metal: 217 - Larry Walker - Fleer hits homerun with this experimental design. Impressive comic style illustration from Dan Lawlis of Larry Walker

1997 Upper Deck Collector Choice: 118 - Kevin Brown

2001 Topps Heritage: Victor Hall - Never made it in the majors. I remember watching him play when he was then-Diamondbacks AA affiliate El Paso.

2002 Topps Archive: 199 - Bert Blyleven

2011 Topps: 182 - Jeremy Bonderman; 585 - Dan Johnson

Not bad for $1


Hackenbush said...

Not bad at all. The highlight for me is that crazy Metal Walker.

Marcus said...

I pick those up from time to time at Dollar Tree, but haven't pulled anything as cool as that Blyleven card. Always a fun rip for a buck.

madding said...

I would have loved this pack. The Larry Walker card is insane, and I'm sure I would have needed the 2001 Topps Heritage card for my set.

Unknown said...

This has been a go to for a card fix in a hurry. Love those versus the other grab bags I've seen at the Dollar Tree.