Saturday, January 24, 2015

2008-09 Upper Deck MVP hockey

The NHL All Star game (and their super ugly sweaters) goes off tomorrow. The randomizer fell upon this pack of hockey, so the timing is pretty good.

Straight forward pack, and somehow Crosby isn't the poster boy. The previous year happened to be Iginla's career high in points, so he deserved the honor. 8 cards in the pack.

Design is ok. We have the silver signature on it. Logos and names in foil.

A bit of a step down when you think of UD photography. And man, those were some ugly Oilers uniforms.

Black for blacks sake.

Boo-ya! Though, it is Burish, who is now back in Chicago, but with the AHL Wolves.

Front and back of the last base in the pack. Full career stats on the back, along with a short bio.

Man - UD just loves to punish me with Dead Wing inserts. 

Nice pull with a Winter Classic card. But being printed prior to the game, the photo is of a standard sweater.

Not sure if I lucked out with 2 Winter Classic cards or what. I should complete this insert set.

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Hackenbush said...

I like Adam Burish. He's a character.