Saturday, January 17, 2015

Upper Deck 25th Anniversary Pack

I stopped into Don's Sportcards here in Anchorage yesterday with my son.  Mom was out having dinner with her girlfriends so it was just us guys and I figure I'd pop in to see what was new.  I ended up picking up a cheap box of Score Football and then Don was nice enough to give my son a pack of Upper Deck's 25th Anniversary cards to hold onto.

Alright lets look for some Rare Autographs!
First up a Jockey. I guess if your into oddball TTM's Upper Deck's got you covered.

Oh Steve Young. Nope not an auto.

Some more college uniform goodness, I guess you better use it before you lose it.

Hey it's the white Tiger Woods.

Oh a baseball player.  A quick tap of the keys and I found that Almonte is part of the Royals system, playing last year with High A  Wilmington Blue Rocks.

Sadly no rare autographs to find in this pack

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madding said...

Wow, further proof Upper Deck has truly fallen on hard times.