Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2013 Topps Update Series Hobby


Hope everyone is doing well.  How about that Seattle-Green Bay game?  It would appear that the Packers lost it more than the Seahawks won it, but it was fun watching it nonetheless.  My first reaction to the match-up is Seattle over New England; I just hope it's more entertaining than last year.

Anyway, I thought I'd return to the scan folder for a quick post...it's a pack of 2013 Topps Update!

I posted the retail version 11 months ago, and at some point during the year I decided to try my luck at a Hobby pack. Here's what I got:

#US94 – Joba Chamberlain
#US61 – Rafael Soriano
#US287 – Brandon Morrow
#US201 – Adam Ottavino

Once again the borders are victims of the scanner.  Moving on, quickly...

#US324 – Chris Colabello (RC)
#CH-115 – Paul Goldschmidt (Chasing History)
#US106 – Clayton Kershaw (All-Star)

#US280 – John Lannan
#US123 – Tom Gorzelanny
#US131 – Josh Phegley (RC)

Once again it's a ho-hum hobby pack for me.  Here are some backs:

Anyway, that's the pack.  Told you it was gonna be quick. Thanks for reading!

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Billy Kingsley said...

I use a sheet of green construction paper behind all scans except die cuts. It prevents the scanner from doing what it did to yours. (I crop them all down anyway) For some die cuts I use a black construction sheet, some none at all. Another trick is to put something else in the scan at the edges of the scanner tray, and then crop it out. I use beat up duplicates that, if they get a slight curve from the weight of the scanner lid, is no big deal.

I like the design of this set, but I like the designs of most sets so I'm not sure I'm the best judge of character.