Thursday, May 21, 2015

1993-94 SkyBox Premium Basketball

I hear there's some important basketball going on right now. Let's look at some important basketball cards!

110 - Frank Brickowski - I wonder if anyone called him Brickout.

64 - Bryant Stith - No, that's not supposed to be Smith. I didn't make a typo.

35 - Robert Parish - I have to say, this is one of the nicest looking NBA sets I've seen. SkyBox was in peak form, even though they insisted on hanging on to the glowing basketball trail effect a little too long.

35 - Robert Parish - Here's what the backs look like. Great, right? A large and distinct photo is on the back to accompany some stats and a little write-up. But... I also got the same card twice in a row.

174 - Ricky Pierce - Before there was Paul Pierce, there was Ricky.

130 - Charles Smith

88 - Malik Sealy - A talented player who died about a million years too young.

53 - Gerald Wilkins - 'Nique's brother! Yes!

163 - Lloyd Daniels

76 - Chris Mullin - You could use his head to hang a picture in your home.

188 - Shawn Bradley - His bio starts with "Surprising agility for a 7'6" player..."

17 - Shawn Kemp NBA on NBC - Just go ahead and listen to this.


Billy Kingsley said...

I see some of your cards were stuck together, damaging both of them. A VERY common problem with this set. The UV coating they used was the cause. It also makes many of the cards feel greasy to the touch.

madding said...

Yeah, this seems to be a huge problem with a lot of mid-90s sets, unfortunately.