Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2015 Topps Stickers

Topps MLB Stickers are back, and in a very familiar way. After four years of study sticker-cards, Topps has gone full Panini with this one as they rolled out the classic thin stickers in the thin packet form. In fact, you can even see that it says "Printed in Italy" all over this product, a telltale sign. It's interesting that Topps jumped in bed with their most closest competitor these days, but I'm sure this arrangement was somehow beneficial to both parties. Word on the streetz of the internets is that Sooz from A Cardboard Problem, once a simple Blogger blogger but now a Topps employee, picked out the photos for this product. Cool stuff.

56 - Carlos Santana - I can't ever hear about this guy without hearing "Carlos Santanaaaa" in my head from that awful "Maria Maria" song.

36 - Wade Boggs - I guess Tampa Bay deserves throwback legends like everyone else, but this is kind of goofy.

263 - Wade Miley

87 - Brian Dozier - See?! Printed in Italy!

120 - Robinson Cano - Cano has been off to a pretty lousy start this season, but I think Seattle's offense is going to be better than it has showed so far and it all starts with him.

99 - Mike Trout - Trout was probably doing something pretty hilarious if you are one of those people that like him.

46 - Toronto Blue Jays Mascot - Not pictured: The opposing team's mascot that this Blue Jay brutally beat.

39 - Edwin Encarnacion - Oh, the costumed humanity!

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