Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2002 Donruss Fan Club

I'm not sure what the Donruss Fan Club was, but I'm pretty sure I was never a member. I picked up this pack on Listia and it definitely had a "NOT FOR RESALE" imprint on the back of the wrapper. It's a good thing that you can't actually buy anything on Listia, right?

191 - John Olerud - Olerud's scary brain aneurysm in college led him to be way ahead of the curve when it came to safety against head trauma. These days, we see base coaches and the occasional batter or pitcher take extra precautions.

39 - Mark Grace - This design is not great, kind of like the Diamondbacks uniforms.

193 - Kip Wells - Also not great? Kip Wells.

137 - Mike Piazza - Piazza was great, at least offensively speaking.

45 - Mark Buehrle - Buerhle's pitching career has certainly been at a great length.

31 - Eric Milton - Not great.

74 - Adam Dunn - Dunn hit home runs of a great distance. And he also struck out a lot.

88 - Brian Giles - The numbers Giles put up were great for a period of time, though it was during the era of steroid monsters.

29 - Paul Konerko - Konerko just retired a few months ago. I'm sure the party was great.

1 - Alex Rodriguez - Having a portrait of yourself as a shirtless centaur is probably pretty great.

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